Your Genius Archetype pair is....


The Spirit Channel

Your Genius is birthed in the Spirit channel of archetypes:
Child, Sovereign, Blind Seer, Deluded God

Domains: Visions, Decrees, Identity, Ownership, Authority, Individuation, Capability

Element: Fire

Numerology:  2, 4, 5

The Child archetype is your Shadow. You’re constantly comparing yourself to how others are doing things and have an intense need to show the world why you’re different. Someone else getting better results than you is enough to send you spiraling. You have a lot of dreams but feel powerless to turn them into reality. You have no problem hiring a mentor because you rather have authority tell you what to do (or have someone to rebel against). You’re afraid the world won’t see you as capable, or won’t see you as an authority so you don’t take responsibility for your dreams.

The Sovereign archetype is your Power. When in your power, you are the visionary and CEO that knows exactly where you’re going, why and with who. You command people to offer their support, and they do because they trust in your vision. You are responsible and capable and don’t care if it sounds fun or easy – you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make this vision a reality. You have a fiery, cutting spirit when it comes to telling it like it is.

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Celestial: Jupiter

The  Blind Seer archetype is your Genius. When this unlocks, your vision becomes a prophecy. Now you will not just have a vision, but be its prophet and you will KNOW what will come to pass before others. This will show up as being able to predict your clients’ results / outcomes for others in your life, knowing exactly how much you’re going to earn, and truly standing out from the crowd as your original, quirky self. You will not shy away from getting rid of anything that isn’t purely YOURS, as you have a deep desire to create something original.

Zodiac: Aquarius

Celestial: Uranus

The Deluded God archetype is your creative energy. This is the final layer of this channel – the “God Tone” if you will. Unlocking this will bring forth your true genius, which is being entitled to the BEST life has to offer. This is royalty energy, and you’re going to be able to own it. All you have to do is ask for it, and the Universe will deliver. You will view your life like a game, and design the rules for whoever dares to play it so everyone can have some fun and create epic experiences.

Zodiac: Aries

Celestial: Moon

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