It's time to put aside "woo-woo" money manifestation and take control of your spiritual business - by learning how to SELL like a true business wizard - once and for all.

Hi, I'm Sonika - and I'm here to bust you out of the distorted "Feminine" ease-and-flow expectations you've placed on your spiritual business, and finally show you what it REALLY takes to build your empire from the ground up - with POWER, precision and badass sales magic.

If you're DONE with unpredictability and inconsistency with money in your spiritual business, and are sick and tired of chasing down clients every single month - then it's time to realize you're ready for an EMPIRE.

It's also time to realize you've been sold a big, fat lie that this would be "as easy as manifestation."

I can't even count anymore how many spiritual entrepreneurs have come to me today with excuses like:

  • “But I don’t want to do sales calls.”
  • “But that feels so hard.”
  • “But can’t I just shift my energy and attract clients?”
  • “But I already wrote a marketing post two days ago, shouldn’t it have worked by now?”
  • “But I ran my livestream and nobody showed up, so maybe doing livestreams is not for me.”

I don’t know where you picked up this ridiculous powerlessness, but it’s not going to fly.

Oh wait. I do know. You picked it up from that spiritual coach who doesn’t have a True business-building Genius bone in their body and is *selling* you ONLY on the idea that you can “sell with ease”. They’ve abandoned their TRUE Genius, which is their magic, and jumped on the business coaching train… which is NOT their magic.

And for you, their client, it’s just not working. Because they don’t ACTUALLY know how to be a business wizard. Their Genius lies elsewhere.

And so does yours. Which is why you need someone who BREATHES BUSINESS MAGIC (hi that’s me) to get all up in your spiritual business so YOU can finally land clients and do the magic work you’re here to do.

I am that secret weapon for spiritual Geniuses, who have complicated, POWERFUL transformational abilities and don’t know how to frame them precisely into something that SELLS BIG (without losing a drop of its magic).

Look, I never dreamed I would be working in the spiritual industry. I am a lover of Business and Money in general. But the minute I stumbled into the coaching world – in 2015 – and at the age of 22, I knew I had something to offer this industry.

I became a top consultant for Bob Proctor (you know, that guy from The Secret) a year later earning $500,000 annually selling his programs (hello business + sales genius). But I wasn’t quite satsified yet. I wanted to build my own empire.

And my first mistake was abandoning my Genius to teach something that wasn’t my Genius. I continued to try to teach general “manifestation” that I had learned, but my magic was in the art of business itself. I struggled with this for 3 years because it didn’t seem like the spiritual industry had room for a badass salesperson (with their whole heart-based Feminine idealogy).

In 2019, I *somehow* landed in the world of alchemy and true energy mastery – and decided to weave it with my business Genius to see what kind of magic I could create.

Three weeks later I launched my first spiritual business-building program, and made $100,000 in cash. No following, no ads, no testimonials.
I went on to do a $500,000 MONTH that year.

No one has had to teach me the art of business. It’s innate. And now I’m bringing it to you so you can start doing your best work in the world and get rich doing it.

And here's the thing:

This wasn’t just about MY results.
What PROVED to me that spiritual business-building is a core part of my magic is the kind of INSANE RESULTS my CLIENTS were getting.
It was like they were suddenly MAGNETS for luxury wealth. My FREE events were creating million-dollar property sales, crazy 5-figure launches for spiritual entrepreneurs who were barely selling, and so much more. And then, when they stepped into my paid programs…. things went even more insane. I started to add up what all my clients were creating in terms of cash, and it was hitting 7-figures in a matter of months.

So I say this VERY seriously: Stop taking business advice from coaches who don’t have a true business Genius. Take a look at some of the testimonials for yourself to see what’s possible for you here

Client Magic

First sale of her $30k package!

I am so excited, what a Solstice and now the full moon in Capricorn tonight! It happened yesterday, but I waited until I received the payment which was at 8:08am this morning. I enrolled my first Divine Mastery client! This is my “big” mentorship experience at $30k. She’s paying a recurring payment of $2500 per month for 12 months. I knew with this energy I needed to own, take responsibility, submit and implement all that I have learned and worked on with Sonika and Naveed the last year and a half. For the first time yesterday I did it naturally and confidently. Thank you Sonika and Naveed! I love this next level and excited for more!

– Tamara M.

Million-dollar sale in 6 weeks after 4 years of trying.

Within 48 hrs of receiving and offer we have sold our million dollar retreat after nearly 4 years of trying. In the last 6 weeks we have had more people look through it than in all those yrs (since the academy opened) Money codes activated thank you Sonika. This now gives me all the time , space and energy to allow our billion dollar concept to fully birth! Believing is Seeing!

– Kerry B.

From being unclear about what she was even offering, to $50,850 booked and $17,153 in cash in two weeks.

Emmy W. worked with Naveed & Sonika privately for a few weeks and the INSTANT change in Emmy’s results was remarkable. She signs a $14,000 client instantly on an offer that previously wasn’t selling no matter how hard she tried.

She launches her program, and finishes with $50,850 in total sales, and $17,135 in cash.

$100k sales month by activating the Warrior archetype

I need to tell you: right now I hit my first ever 100k sales month! I had to activate my warrior a lot two weeks ago, and this is what i did. But these last days i just knew they would come.– Laura C.

$47k in sales in two weeks.

Sonika and Naveed helped me to see clearly where I was holding myself back. As soon as I got out of my own way, I launched my new membership in 1 week + made $22k sales with it in 2 weeks. After averaging $12k per month for the previous 6 months. And sold 3 of my 1:1 packages in 1 week, with 2 Facebook posts.

In total, I made $47k sales, all within 2 weeks.

– Eva L.

$75k in sales, $30k in cash in less than 3 weeks

Today I celebrate my 3 x 1:1 Private Coaching Clients [at $25,000 each]. She is a perfect 1:1 client. And it is exactly how Sonika Asif told me, that, when I am confident enough I will do also business coaching as art like ecstasy.”

– Laura B.

$100k sales month, $72k in cash

When Gitte L. first came to me, she was exhausted, overworked, and had no fire in her. Selling $100 courses and barely earning enough to pay her expenses left her doubtful that someone like her, who loved teaching so much and never identified as a salesperson, could ever make it in this monstrous world of coaching.

Through rigorous sales wizardry training, Gitte crossed her biggest cash month ever at $72,000 (with six figures booked in for the year already).

She went on to have $100,000 sales month, a number she couldn’t even FATHOM was a possible reality for her at ANY point in her lifetime.

$30,000 launch from nothing

“My goal for the week was $22,500 and we hit it with 4 days to go. Magician collapses time like a MF.” – Sam D.

We worked on creating an offer for Samantha D. and designed a strategy, a name, and the exact frequency of the offer. Through the energy mastery process & following the exact steps we had given her, she launched her offer and sold out completely, ending up with $30,000 in one week.

$12.4k sales day

OK, so whatever you told me to do worked, today I closed the second apprentice (couple for stepfamily coaching) at $8K, renewed a current Bach flower client (she didn’t even ask the price, it will $4.4K), had an inquiry about Santorini from a current Bach flower client (WTF), had 3 random new inquiries for dad work and just had a lapsed homeopathy client reach out after a year to start appointments again. This was a minimum $12.4K sale day even if nothing else pans out. This will be a 22.5K month.

– Tracy P.

$9k in sales closed in a week

When you strike the right tone, YOUR people can’t help but buy from you. 

Literally, one week after making changes to her offer and showing her precise sales moves to make, Tamara J. sold 2 people for a total of $9K. This was a collapse in time – Creating maximum results with the least effort. 

$5k sold “out of the blue”

I closed a $5,000 real estate blueprint “out of the blue” this week. I decided that’s the minimum price and held Empress energy. I had a coffee ‘get to know you’ date with a developer here, and she asked me if I’d could help her with a new vision so I offered the blueprint session and she was like “when can I do that? Where have you been all my life?”  Fun!!!

– Shasta T.

Highest income month ever.

Celebrating my highest income month this year – and no launching of anything – magic – 15k this month – this is just the beginning!

– Jen V.

6x her salary & highest income month ever.

I started working with Sonika and I made almost 3 times my highest month. It was 6 times some of my highest income months when I worked for FedEx. And more than what I’ve made some years of my life. I’m just saying

– Devyani P.

5 calls booked in a week & 10K received.

Something invisible caught me into Sonika and Naveed’s world. Something powerful, like a call from my soul saying: “That’s what you’ve been looking for!” I created my first high-value membership. I increased my programs prices and started to sell again. I started to make things that I really want in my life matter and saw the magic show everywhere: new energy, new projects, old dreams waking up that are on their way to be manifested. Last week, I just casted a spell and got… 5 calls booked in a week!  And in a few days after I casted the spell, I reached the 10k I had DECIDED to make this month!  My income has suddenly increased again… I feel a new world / energy growing inside of me.  What I love is the way these magicians / sorcerers allow us to take our true power 100%, just by being themselves without trying to get over anyone. No BS, no lie. Pure truth. 

– Stephanie D.

$22,500 sales day.

We had one session with Lanie S., after which she took the very specific coded action to clean out her Facebook friends – which we of course identified on the private call.

24 hours later she sells a $15k package and then a $7500 package.

I combine precise, alchemical coaching to help you figure out EXACTLY what your next move should be, based on YOUR specific Shadow - and then combine it with epic business training to launch you as the ICON that you are so you make sales pretty fucking instantly.

Which is why, I've combined alchemical hot-seat coaching + business trainings inside this Savage Selling program so you get the ENTIRE dose you need (and we can start curing your business of "Distorted Feminine Syndrome").


2x calls per week (🤯) designed to activate you and then precisely help you alchemize your Shadow so you become MAGNETIC AF.

I’ll be running this program with my husband + partner in crime:
Naveed Asif (who’s done millions of dollars in sales for our coaching business through powerful sales + messenger conversations).

So not only are you going to learn how I’ve built (multiple) paying communities in my business (I once built a Facebook group of 6000 IDEAL clients in two months who went on to pay me $270,000)… but I’m ALSO going to personally guide you in the hot-seats so you’re getting the alchemy training necessary. Like. Straight up private coaching.



  • Module 1 – Turning Shit into Gold: How to source magnetic content right now, right where you are.
  • Weekly Hot-Seat Coaching


  • Module 2 – Attract your super fans: Build a community ready to buy.
  • Weekly Hot-Seat Coaching


  • Module 3 – Sharpen your marketing blade: Fine tune your marketing to create sales
  • Weekly Hot-Seat Coaching


  • Implementation week, continued FB group support


  • Module 4 – Sell unconditionally: Master the art of sales conversations (messenger and calls)
  • Weekly Hot-Seat Coaching


Early-bird enrollment is open until July 15 with an investment of £500.
Early-bird also comes with a Business Bonus bundle that includes 4 EPIC trainings on marketing, selling and building your spiritual empire.
The price will go up to £750 after the early-bird enrollment closes.
VIP UPGRADE also available: which includes Savage Selling + 2 weeks of private Voxer Coaching with me that you can use now or when the program begins. (£3,500 investment)

If you have any questions, just email

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