Your Genius Archetype pair is....


The Soul Channel

Your Genius is birthed in the Soul channel of archetypes:
Prostitute, Lover, Mythmaker, Worthless Gem.

Domains: Value, Desire, Worth, Purpose, Standards

Element: Water

Numerology: 2, 6, 7

The Prostitute archetype is your Shadow. You have trouble owning your value and worth, and tend to overgive to people who don’t deserve it. This is the whole “let me price it lower so they can afford it and don’t think I’m greedy” energy. Or expressed another way, she’s the “let me exchange services with them just so I fill up spots”, completely blind to the truth that the exchange is unequal in terms of value and you’re sacrificing way more than the other person.

The Lover archetype is your Power. When in your power, you will price your offers correctly based on their true value as the Lover. People are attracted to your charm and charisma because your expression is not for their approval but for your own soul. People LOVE to pay you when you’re in your Power. Your heart is full of love for your content and your work and it overflows. This becomes your magnetism.

Zodiac: Cancer

Celestial: Moon

The Mythmaker archetype is your Genius. When this unlocks, your desires will evolve and come from the true depths of your soul. Your soul will use stories, writing and art to express its message. She will help you share your stories in a profound, activating way that will create massive impact on the people experiencing it. You will learn to flow more with your own Genius frequency, focus more on self-love and care over rigid routines and details in your business.

Zodiac: Pisces

Celestial: Neptune

The Worthless Gem archetype is your creative energy. This is the final layer of this channel – the “God Tone” if you will. Unlocking this will position you as THE prize. This archetype is made up of the Lover + Mythmaker expressing themselves together, and you start to shine really differently. People start seeing you as an exquisite work of art they want to pay millions to, just to get a drop of your attention.

Zodiac: Taurus

Celestial: Venus

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