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Hello - I'm Sonika.

…and I’m here to free you from the Luxury Closet so you can build the spiritual empire of your dreams (In other words, it’s time to claim that high-level luxury empire – plus all the other things you’ve been dreaming of – that you haven’t had the guts to claim.)

An Empire is a VERY different beast to a simple business. It runs on consistency, complete submission, DEVOTION, and rock-solid, powerful truth. It is a long-term game, and is about ENRICHING you, not just paying your next bill.

This is a space for the entrepreneurial warrior, the Luxury spiritual Genius ready to BUILD the damn thing, get their boots on the ground and do the work they’ve been avoiding.

Have you had trouble attracting a big audience? Seem to always be the villain in the room when you truly let your disruptive Genius free? Are you always spewing sharp, cutting truth, only to be the one they blame at the end?

Good. Because you have precisely the ingredients required to get LUXURIOUSLY rich – and fast. You have exactly the raw material that attracts the DREAM things. The uncomfortable things. The things most people wouldn’t dare ask for. You have the unrelatability code, which is equivalent to diamonds in the energy world.

The only problem is – this code is useless if you can’t SELL IT.

And to sell it…

  • It’s not a big audience you need (I have sold six-figure packages with only a couple hundred followers).
  • It’s not relatability you need (I’m highly unrelatable to anyone with my expectations of luxury).
  • It’s sure as hell not likeability or credibility (I had my first six-figure month with ZERO testimonials).

What you DO need, is the ability to master the CONTENT coming out of you (that ends up as part of your sales & marketing) NO MATTER your situation / knowledge / reputation / experience.

I’m here to help you build a spiritual empire from complete TRUTH and integrity, no matter where you are or what your starting point is.

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