You don't need a Business Coach.

You need an Alchemist who can awaken you to your Genius and help you create wealth in alignment with your Core Business Archetype.

Introducing Archetypes

…and why they are the key to building a successful business empire in a way that is unique to you.

I first discovered the concept of archetypes in 2019, when I was frustrated and confused about why I wasn’t able to consistently grow my business like everyone else.

Ups and downs, spending thousands on ads and brand designers and coaches only to have my launch succeed just enough to pay my bills, and nothing more.

The months where I would land a big client, I would feel the pressure to upkeep the results next month so I don’t “fall off the wagon” and have to face my insecurities all over again. The gratitude lists, the journaling, the Shadow work… all of it became a bandaid I used to avoid building my dream. Until I got really fucking tired of playing the same old game.

I started to take a deep look at the energetics of my psyche, I started to study the archetypes of consciousness, I started to discover that a truly successful business empire was something built on the ground of TRUTH; not fear, not your mentor’s strategy or intuition, and definitely not on how much your bills will cost you.

A business empire is the vehicle for your Genius; and for it to truly succeed and create wealth and joy and euphoria in a way that is true to YOU – you have to become something BIGGER than your bills, your fears (and dare I say, your mentor).

Anxiety and frustration has NO PLACE in this kind of business empire. MAGIC on the other hand…. is what helps your empire expand and build on itself at a pace that blows even your mind.

Lush Empires helps spiritual entrepreneurs birth a business empire that values the potency and personality of their unique soul genius so they can finally create the wealth and riches they deserve.

We do this by introducing you to the archetypes in your psyche that are currently limiting you, which is also where you’ll begin to see YOUR core archetype and how to activate its power, helping you become unshakable and ready for your unique soul Genius to make an appearance. Once it does… the game changes. You finally create the ridiculous wealth you desire, all while building an empire that can FEED your life with health, wealth and love.

This is the New era of business we’re bringing to you.

Build Your Iconic Empire

A membership designed to unlock your core business archetype, and teach you how to master all four archetype channels with precision so you can become the master-key holder of your own life and business, create massive wealth, and never again take on someone else’s strategy and method without having your Power intact.

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