Your Genius is a Luxury


Hello! I'm Sonika.

…and I’m here to free you from the Luxury Closet  (In other words, it’s time to claim the high-level relationships, money and health you’ve been dreaming of but haven’t had the guts to claim.)

Luxury runs through your veins. It is not something that is attracted TO you. You’ve been settling far too long for a life that isn’t even yours to begin with, afraid of your own monstrous power, that hunger in you that craves the best of the best – and yet you’ve been okay with not having it because it feels too Much. Too dangerous. Too bright, too powerful. (Can you tell yet that I have MASSIVE Capricorn energy? Nothing but the best please.)

The frustration you feel when you look around at the life you’ve designed, knowing you’re meant for SO MUCH MORE – and yet you continue everyday to say Yes to things that you don’t truly have a taste for. Mapping yourself to everyone else’s definition of Luxury, of the “perfect life”, running so far away from your own Genius… and now you’re trapped. In a jail of your own making.

My goal is to help you embody the luxury that YOU are, and say YES to the high-standard life that is so worthy of you – in all the ways. 

Relationships will upgrade. Empires will be built. Bodies will thrive. Because here? We don’t settle for less. Are you ready to explore the world TRULY meant for you?

Lush Empires works with clients who have a taste to unleash their Genius, own their un-relatability & finally become the Luxury in the room.

Your highest standards live within you – no one else can tell you what that is. We help set you free from outdated “manifestation methods” and introduce you to our one-of-a-kind process of Archetypal Alchemy so you have the “raw ingredients” to finally access the luxury within you.

Once activated, YOU become the go-to frequency in the room for YOUR magic – and you will rapidly upgrade all aspects of your life, from relationships to money.

We have programs ranging from monthly memberships to private consulting available to help you. We want to make sure you’re a good fit for our high-level programs so we have a free consultation available.

Unlock Cash-On-Demand in Your Business

Unlock Cash-On-Demand in Your Business

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