Genius Archetype Quiz

Take this quiz to find out exactly what your core Genius Archetype pair is and how it can help you get rich AF in your business.

I've designed this so the archetype pair doesn't just show you who you are  - but who you're meant to be. It will show your ICONIC self, which may feel VERY different to who you are now.

Your core archetype pair shows up more than any of the others in your business + life, and has THE biggest grip on your success & money-making abilities - and if it’s the Shadow version of the archetype that’s taking center stage … then those results aren’t going to be any good. So let’s turn that low-frequency Shadow archetype into its Power counterpart and unleash your inner Harvey Specter 😉

Instructions: For best results, apply each scenario to your current life and see how you would honestly respond to the situation. If nothing quite fits, feel into a time where you would've reacted to that situation negatively and choose the answer that represents that.

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A client is supposed to pay you this month, but they decided not to move forward. What's the first thing you feel?

2 / 8

Someone you don't know reaches out to you and gives you unwanted negative feedback about something you did or said.

3 / 8

Your mentor sees something you posted online and messages you that what you wrote was incorrect and needs work.

4 / 8

You see someone posting about the big success they just had. How do you feel?

5 / 8

You have a desire to completely pivot your purpose in life. How do you feel?

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Choose the answer that holds your zodiac sign.

7 / 8

Choose the answer that holds your Human Design energy type.

8 / 8

Your partner or friend decides they need space and wants different things. How do you feel?

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