Business Archetype


Discover your Business Archetype and build a successful empire.

In this challenge, I cover the 4 sets of archetypes that govern every single part of your business and life. These archetypes are either wreaking havoc (which is why no manifestation strategy or action seems to work), or they’re creating wealth, health, love and magic for you.

Knowing exactly how these archetypes show up equips you with “superpowers” most don’t have access to.

You know those people who just easily take risks, show up with passion and money just seems to show up constantly with ease?

These people are living their Power archetypes. If this isn’t how life and business happens for you, it’s because the Shadow archetypes are behind the wheel and they’re messing with your circuitry.

And it’s time to get rid of every anxious, insecure Shadow code in your system with PRECISION so you can put your hands on real-world matter and create epic transformation (you know, instead of staying cooped up in your room with a journal or a crystal or whatever).

This is a 5-day challenge – which means I’m going to call on you to MAKE. THE. DAMN. MOVES. But with precision because I’m going to teach you exactly how to know which move is for YOU.

Once you know how to push the right buttons of your energy field, and take action on them… you get to sit back and watch the (cash) magic happen.

Let’s have some fun, build your empire, and get rich AF!

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Meet Sonika Asif

Archetypal Business Alchemist | CEO

Sonika has been working with coaches & entrepreneurs for almost a decade, helping them build massively successful businesses.

After years of intense training under world-renowned business mentors, today she works with cutting-edge entrepreneurs to unleash their “Soul Genius” frequency; the raw material inside them that is the key to their 8-figure empire.

As a pioneer of Power Mastery & archetypal consciousness in business, she is here to create a new wave of leaders, entrepreneurs & mentors, free from templated strategies and boardroom business tactics. This new wave of entrepreneurial royalty will massively raise the standards of how we do business, and redefine success principles to make way for powerful, superconscious leaders that usher in a new world.

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