Are you ready to master money?

I play in the space where money flows in all the time, constantly, and without me having to give it a single thought any longer.

When I used to create massive cash in the past in my business, there was always a nagging thought at the end of the month: “Fuck I need to maintain this now.”

It felt hard. Like a drag. Like it took so much work and I have to do it all over again.

And taking my mind + energy off my business was not a thing. Nope. It would crumble right away.

So that meant I always had to be one step ahead of cash that I was pulling in to make sure I kept the momentum rolling.

That was all before the archetypal mastery.

The difference now: each month doesn’t feel like a reset. It builds on the month before (a key difference between a business an an empire).

Transformation in my energy is permanent through alchemy – thus no need for maintenance and constantly having to be a step ahead.

Commanding spirit to animate money + luxury in my life is what I now do.

And, we teach you how to become your own animator vs. always needing to be animated by someone else’s words/videos/content.

The energetic chain that binds you to your money creations are now strong, permanent and complete through Archetypal Alchemy.

In this training, I’m going to dive into 5 reasons you’re struggling to create cash on demand and the PRECISE shifts you need to make to lock that in.

Meet Sonika Asif

Luxury Business Alchemist | CEO

Sonika has been working with coaches & entrepreneurs for almost a decade, helping them build massively successful businesses.

After years of intense training under world-renowned business mentors, today she works with cutting-edge entrepreneurs to unleash their “Soul Genius” frequency; the raw material inside them that is the key to their 8-figure empire.

As a pioneer of Power Mastery & archetypal consciousness in business, she is here to create a new wave of leaders, entrepreneurs & mentors, free from templated strategies and boardroom business tactics. This new wave of entrepreneurial royalty will massively raise the standards of how we do business, and redefine success principles to make way for powerful, superconscious leaders that usher in a new world.

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