Hi there.

I’m Sonika Asif and I’m super excited you’re ready to dive into the world of archetypal magic.

I’ve spent a decade in the business coaching industry… and I’ve done it all.

I’ve made millions of dollars following my mentors instructions precisely, by abandoning my truth and following the latest trends, and by sacrificing my health and wellbeing to meet someone else’s timeline.

I hustled, I flowed, I went Feminine, I went Masculine.

I eventually saw that if I wanted to build something that wasn’t just sustainable, but something that truly FED MY SOUL… I was going to have to take some risks and FOLLOW my soul’s calling.

In June 2019, I discovered the magic of archetypes and everything started making so. much. sense. FINALLY. Every single failure made sense. And I was ready to figure out how the archetypes in my psyche have been affecting my business success.

I had to start from ground zero and get to know my true self (Because I had changed as a person, and it was time I accepted it.) 

I began to unravel all the content I had around every single tool, method, strategy I was ever taught. Including spiritual tools, methods and strategies.

I was done taking anyone else’s word except my own… and I was ready to show the world that doing business this way can be VERY rewarding on all levels.

I started asking myself some key questions:

If organic reach wasn’t better than social media ads –

If messenger reachouts weren’t better than funnels –

If linking to a simple order form wasn’t better than a full-blown website –

And if NO ONE got to place a filter over any tool, method, or strategy that was available to me…

Then what TRULY becomes available for me?

I suddenly saw how the business game gets to be played my way. How it wasn’t about trying to force something to work for me that I wasn’t coded for …

But also WORKING the thing I WAS coded for, no matter how much it had been labeled “wrong” by others.

I saw my own true, unique style of business emerge, one that could NEVER be performed by anyone else – and this was my spotlight.

When I stopped trying to fit a frame, I BECAME the frame for my own luxurious success.

And the million-dollar iconic empire of my dreams was born. Since discovering the archetypes in 2019, I have made millions in my business and I get better at refining it every year.

I moved from my hometown of Bangkok, Thailand to build my life here in the UK (another dream come true) and it’s the best decision I have ever made.

This was possible through mastering my energy. Becoming a true master of my emotions.

Every single Shadow voice that triggers you can be summed up into 4 Shadow archetypes: Prostitute, Child, Victim, Saboteur.

These archetypes must be precisely transformed into Power:
Lover, Sovereign, Warrior, Magician.

How the Power archetypes express themselves through YOU, is not going to be the same as through ME. This is where your true soul Genius comes in.

In order to TRULY be able to build a business empire that is worthy of YOU and coded FOR you (so it produces wealth, health, joy, love, #allthethings seamlessly)… you need to master the foundational blueprints of these archetypes and see how they show up in REAL LIFE.

You will also discover your core Business Archetype – this is the gateway to discovering YOUR true Genius in business.

My work isn’t about vision boards and gratitude and constant Shadow work. It also isn’t about giving you social media strategies or launch strategies.

It’s about showing you how to become a Business Alchemist that can SEE these archetypes come alive on the stage of your life and make PRECISE moves that collapse the energy into CASH (and whatever else you have a taste for).

This is REAL magic (I said it). And I can’t wait for you to join me.

Meet Sonika Asif

Archetypal Business Alchemist | CEO

Sonika has been working with coaches & entrepreneurs for almost a decade, helping them build massively successful businesses.

After years of intense training under world-renowned business mentors, today she works with cutting-edge entrepreneurs to unleash their “Soul Genius” frequency; the raw material inside them that is the key to their 8-figure empire.

As a pioneer of Power Mastery & archetypal consciousness in business, she is here to create a new wave of leaders, entrepreneurs & mentors, free from templated strategies and boardroom business tactics. This new wave of entrepreneurial royalty will massively raise the standards of how we do business, and redefine success principles to make way for powerful, superconscious leaders that usher in a new world.

Meet Naveed Asif

Archetypal Sales Genius | President

After years of diving deep into the Law of Attraction world and working with the best sales mentors in the personal development industry, Naveed is here to share his journey with you on how he escaped his own mental prison of analysis-paralysis and countless days of waking up with anxiety trying to achieve sales goal after sales goal.

Today he has created his very own “Sales Spellbook” that has helped him and his clients close deals in the millions.

He is about the Art of the Sale. The elixir that morphs the buyer from a “Maybe” to a solid “Yes.” The custom, curated moment of silence before the deal closes holds the answer; and Naveed knows how to upgrade spiritual entrepreneurs from mere Salespeople to  Sales Alchemists that design the sales conversation from start to finish. He is here to bring the Fool to the boardroom, the Alchemist to the negotiation table, and the world’s first “Dark Sales” training to your people.