Get Onto the Stage of Your Business

Get out of the fucking rehearsal room and get onto the stage of your business 🎩

Here’s a RAW transmission I gave to a client on Slack who was being passive as fuck with her sales, and WAITING for the Universe to show her she’s doing it right, instead of being the DIRECTOR of the damn thing:

“The problem with most people is they take these steps to invest but they don’t submit all the way. They dabble on the edge. And they don’t submit fully and then lag behind who they took these steps as.

And that’s what happening with you.
You’re soooo trapped in what’s possible / what you believe / what you can see.

You need to bring back your literal sales person energy.

These are things you would do if you were playing the right game:

Even if she had no cash you would at least offer the sale
– there’s a reason its so sluggish.

Your magic is done on you first.

The most important part of a sales convo is the convo with yourself.

You aren’t actually performing on yourself – regardless of results. You’re waiting to make a sale to perform.

Confidence doesn’t come from seeing evidence of the performance. It comes from CREATING the confidence itself.

You have confidence even if you’ve never sold it.
Even if you’ve never seen results of it.
Even when you don’t even know what the actual program will look like.
You have to start PERFORMING. Not just in the background in your own time.
But on the field.
Such as in the sales conversation.

You’re stuck in the rehearsal room.
You have to have BLIND FAITH in your genius even if you can’t put words to it right now.
You make the fucking offer anyway. Price it sky high anyway.

And just submit submit submit.
That your genius will, with its chaos, fill in the gaps.
And you submit every second to the taste you have for your income.

And you stay rock solid on that. Whether she says yes or no.

You aren’t performing as your icon right now.

All you fucking know is that this is best offer in the world and she should take it if she wants results.
You guys want money. You want a return. But you’re not selling as if that’s guaranteed.

Confidence collapses time. Remember that 😉”

It’s time to get on the fucking stage.

This isn’t about alignment or manifestation or providing value.


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