Dark Apprentices, Dark Codes (A $140k Month)

I saw the Dark portal clearly last month. I knew what it needed from me. Precisely what had to go. WHO had to go. Blind to what would come next; my body… the still point, streaming pure Genius.

Ten days ago, I released my former Dark Apprentice, losing Taste for the arrangement. Zero issus, zero reasons, zero back-and-forth. Just parted ways like true Darkworkers (while she then came back yesterday to thank me for doing exactly that because she SAW what I was seeing).

This immediately awakened a new blueprint from within. A command to re-design the entire Dark Apprenticeship experience, and this time to set the bar REAL fucking high.

£100,000… and I’m not going to be your Coach, but your Oracle. So I can teach you the true ways of Dark Alchemy.

Literally 48 hours later, the exact client for this shows up at my Dark Doorstep. Ready now, more than ever, and she submits. Officially becoming the FIRST ever Dark Apprentice, making this “irratio” of a payment today (which by the way, the Dark has SERIOUS standards for – and she waltzed in with full power. The Dark portal is now open for her 👽🧬🎩🕳️).

The eclipse this past weekend called for RIDICULOUS “tension-holding abilities”, as a storm of codes raged. She held still, I held still. And then…. the Dark reward.

Not only did the codes settle for her today, but I also literally received the 10% deposit to my million-dollar penthouse sale today.

I know how to trigger a mutation – so last month, I didn’t sell anything. I made $3k… somehow anyway. This month, I made $140k.

Here’s the thing: I own the current. I’m not the receiver of money. I’m the coder of TASTE.

Now, for your spiritual business brain to comprehend EXACTLY the anatomy of this ridiculous, magical AF artistic creation:

– I have 191 instagram followers.

– I have 200+ FB friends, and 1.4k followers on FB, most of whom probably don’t even see my posts.

– I’ve barely emailed my list of 200 people.

– I don’t have a funnel, or a sales page, or testimonials.

– I am teaching something no one really understands, that can’t be put into words.

– I am hardly welcoming, compassionate, or soft.

I. Don’t. Need. ANYTHING.

I am the fucking formula. I am the fucking strategy. I design it as I speak. I design it as I walk. It is irreplicable.

I don’t do manifestation. I don’t need it. I simply have a taste to see the eclipse, go outside, and the Moon appears to me for EXACTLY those 5 minutes so I can capture it, only to have it shit storm the rest of the night, the Moon completely hidden away.

🕳️ Don’t you get it yet?

Manifestation, New Age, Shadow Work…. they have NOTHING for you when it comes to freedom and magic. They do NOTHING for your Dark Genius.

I precisely “time” my creations. And while they’re mutating within me, the whole damn world can say whatever the fuck they want about me… but when that mutation hits the jackpot… you’re going to see it with your own damn eyes, that Dark Alchemy will ALWAYS feel more ALIVE, more magical, more FREE… than the world of manifestation.

I teach the very laws of Dark Alchemy inside my Dark Luxury School – and ONLY here will you get these codes. Today is the final day to apply at the early-bird price.

It’s all in, or Nothing.

Want to learn more about Dark Alchemy, Archetypal Mastery & Business Wizardry?

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Sonika Asif, CEO & Founder
Lush Empires

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