Your Soul Genius is Unrelenting

Your Dark Genius is unrelenting in how it chooses to build your multi-million dollar spiritual empire.

It will not respond to any frequency except the one that ignites itself when you put on the Dark Crown, choosing to reign over your Universe.

It will close off access when you say Yes to something (clients, team members, money) that isn’t PRECISELY curated for its ultimate expression and play.

Building an empire that runs on your Dark Genius frequency is not easy. You’re not just owning those “outcast” parts of you anymore; You’re shining blacklight on it, discovering its magic, and then charging thousands for it.

If you know in your bones that the current spiritual business industry has nothing for you anymore….

If you know that living the same old management of Shadow Work and “emotional processing” is making you sick…

If you know that you absolutely cannot have another coach tell you it’s about “magnetism” and “alignment” because you know it’s really really not, and there’s a greater magic to be found here….

And finally – if you’re sick and tired of them watering down your Genius offers because they don’t know how else to market and sell MAGIC…

Hi. Welcome to my world. I was the top consultant in the world for a world-renowned spiritual mentor only to realize New Age & Shadow Work really do nothing for my unique Genius.

So I burned it down. 😉

What rose from the ashes was a Dark Luxury School for the spiritual coach and entrepreneur who is ready to leave shallow waters of “law of attraction” and come learn some real fucking business wizardry.

Want to align with your next $50k client? Go somewhere else.

Want to design this client in your body and then pull them through portals via Dark Alchemy, only to have them be so far beyond what you could’ve imagined that it ignites insane levels of euphoria (and serious cash)? I’m your Alchemist.

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Sonika Asif, CEO & Founder
Lush Empires

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