Lightwork Is Done.

Light workers that stumble on my work: “I’ve cleared my Shadow, I’ve manifested a ton of things, I know how to work on my alignment… but why do I feel so empty?”

Me: because you’re meant to go Dark. You’re hungry for a different kind of spiritual game that no one else has.

And then they enter my world of Dark Luxury, Dark Alchemy, Dark Consciousness… and they’re never the same again.

Health completely transforms. Their spiritual brand goes dark and begins to run on their Genius frequency. They get rich… AND enriched. 😉 They unlock multi-dimensional gifts (like going from working with Divorced parents to developing their own Bach Flower modality, or from business coaching to Dark Seers that channel raw business consciousness or from coaches to streamers of Feminine / Masculine Genius).

Lightwork was your training-wheel phase.

You have NO idea the life that awaits you in the Dark 🕳️

How you do business will change. How you make your millions will change. How you rule the internet will change. And you won’t be able to get enough…. Because your GENIUS BEAST is finally being fed consciousness material it’s worthy of.

I spin in silence in my Dark Luxury castle as clients stumble through the forest and find their way to me.

Just yesterday, someone was (finally) able to SEE one of my secret activation offers (it’s not available anywhere for sale) – an activation I’ve only ever performed on ONE person before in two years since I developed it – and she instantly bought it for over $4k.

Light influencers are out. It’s time for Dark influencers to take their own thrones.

Unlike in the Light… YOU will design your throne 😉 (Because frankly, it’s sickening to see how many of you are conforming yourselves and pushing your dark disruption to the side for the sake of matching the energy rules of a grid that’s been outdated for years).

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Sonika Asif, CEO & Founder
Lush Empires

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