The Empress (Dark Archetype)

The Empress coding is the only, true activated support you need when you venture into the unknown. She is supported by the unseen, no matter what.

She rules silently from behind the throne. She provides the Activator with the raw material for the words that will create massive impact, instantly shifting the client onto new ground.

She is of the original master coding. The thing we are birthed from. The spine that holds the resources for every client, sale, result you could ever desire.

How to use her energy:

She is your support system when no one else is (yet.)

She gives you objective sight by moving you behind what’s currently occurring, so you can stand in complete ownership.

She is the ground you walk on, ground that is ONLY yours; fertile only for your Genius creations.

Activate the archetype:

With an inactive Empress, the Victim takes over your spine.

Now you’re malleable. Now you’re shakeable. Now resources don’t come from you. Now you’re sway-able by every social media post / guru / mentor / brand. Now you’ll fight harder and hustle harder for resources instead of BEING the resource.

I have some Empress body activation spots open. Message me for details.

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Sonika Asif, CEO & Founder
Lush Empires

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