Zodiac Signs in Blacklight Consciousness (When Shadow Work and Inner Healing work dies off)

Earth signs will leave behind the anxiety of trying to do “inner healing work” on their perfectionist standards – and will simply just submit to their highest standards as their Genius, which grants them the superpower to design a life they truly feel anxious free about (which must include MATERIAL wealth.)

Air signs will leave behind the anxiety of trying to do Shadow work to calm their intense need to be different, and will simply submit to their quirks and design relationships and careers that make these quirks truly stand out as their own Genius frequency.

Fire signs will leave behind the anxiety of trying to meditate on their arrogance and ambition, instead choosing to turn up the fire and build a life and business around their truest, fiery identity of speaking sharp truth and taking center stage.

Water signs will shed the anxiety of trying to do inner child work on their emotions, and instead transform this raw data into deep, witchy, psychic healing superpowers – ultimately being reborn as the next transformational catalyst… and making sure their friends and family know it.

Sonika Asif, CEO & Founder
Lush Empires

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