The Negative Frame

(The state of being you need to master if you want to turn your life into a priceless work of art.)🕳️

Want to attract that massive 7-bedroom mansion you just stumbled upon? Use manifestation.

Want to create a precisely designed home that is an absolute fucking work of art – one you can’t even SEE yet, but know it will blow your mind? You have to use Dark Alchemy.

Manifestation is about STORING information. See it, store it, visualize it, match it all. Day. Long. 🙅🏻‍♀️

Dark Alchemy is about being the NEGATIVE frame. It’s about STREAMING, not storing. And to stream Genius (the substance that will not just attract a mansion, but make it YOUR UNIMAGINABLE DREAM MANSION), you have to go BLIND to what’s already built so the New can come through.

This means – you have to give up the management. The journaling and visualizing and meditation and shadow work and inner child work. This is CONTENT, created through the alchemy of Fear / Limiting beliefs / Shadow.

The Dark is disassociated from Shadow. It will not respond to Shadow, or content created as a result of working through your Shadow.

To access life-as-art, you have to empty out completely and become the negative space. The cost of not mastering this state of being is clear.

More and more energy workers, spiritual coaches, spiritual entrepreneurs are getting “randomly” ill, quitting this business, dealing with upheaval and chaos with no idea how to master these unprecedented times. Their energy and content diluted to a point they’re almost unrecognizable from the very reason you were attracted to them in the first place.

Dark Alchemy is the way out of this New-Age collapse.

The Dark Luxury School is where this magic and mastery is being taught. 🎩🧬

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Sonika Asif, CEO & Founder
Lush Empires

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