Power Work vs. Dark Work

Knowing how to not fight reality, holding still at your point of Power and trusting in what the Universe will bring you…

I call this Power Work.

WAY better than Shadow Work & New Age manifestation, and a nice way to initiate yourself into what lies beyond the Matrix.

(And I’ve channeled the nuances of specific Power Archetypes so you ALWAYS know exactly how to snap back into Power).

Flipping on the Blacklight switch, designing new frequencies in your body and then weaving your creations with your ‘Dark Genius’…

I call this Dark Work (Or Dark Alchemy).

This is the most cutting-edge way of living, because it is literally being the Torus of reality. You’re hosting multidimensional layers, and not only do you know how to POWER yourself – you can get backstage to the raw material.

I’m seeing a lot of coaches exit the spiritual matrix and start teaching simple Power Work (in their own way) – which is amazing and will create great results.

But Power is not the end point. We want to get to the point of unleashing Dark Genius because Power is still limited by its own templated laws without the DARK ARCHETYPES.

This is what I’m bringing to the table.

A new wave of spiritual coaches and entrepreneurs who have mastery of the DARK.

The awakeners. The “un”settlers.

The ones who can wield real magic.

Sonika Asif, CEO & Founder
Lush Empires

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