Your Genius Empire will set you free.

There’s an empire within you and you can’t see it yet. I’m not talking about the one you’re currently running.

I’m talking about your Dark Genius Empire. The one that will set you free from being just another _______.

Dark Empires choose you and not the other way around. But to be its CEO – its headmaster – you need to activate your loyalty to myth, art and luxury over achievement, badges and goals.

This empire is a circus, and it needs a ringmaster who can shapeshift with the codes available.

You don’t merely “launch” products and offers in this Dark Luxury realm. You put on a show. An event so breathtaking it puts them in a trance.

You don’t give them value. You give them an awakening.

You don’t attract clients for this empire. They don’t exist yet. You craft their avatar.

The empty excellence version of an Empire you’re currently running exhausts itself of energy each time you achieve a goal, gearing you up to have to do it all over again. Dark Empires don’t run on excellence or results. They run on Dark Genius.

The essence that makes everyone watch you in awe (and not because you just hit that next $500k milestone). When they watch YOU and not your results, a different kind of experience comes alive.

A different opportunity. They awaken to something they know only you can do. And now that they’ve tasted it, they can’t help but pay for more.

Dark Luxury clients and customers don’t come to you for that New Arrival product. Or that new offer that guarantees to help them create six figures in their business. They’re here to be whisked away into a realm only you have the key to.

And this kind of Dark Luxury experience…. Is what we help you craft. 🎭🎪 You will never go back.

Sonika Asif, CEO & Founder
Lush Empires

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