Picture this: You give up your entire empire.

You finally give up your entire empire that was built on trying to hit the next goal and and achieving the next million and getting onto the next “Success podcast” and launching the next thing and paying your bills – and you stop moving on external motivation and inspiration.

You hold still. And you start to feel a new substance within you. A new piece of art, this time wanting to be birthed from the depths of your bones, instead of being inspired by that “picture-perfect” brand you just stopped scrolling through on Instagram. (Which btw, if you observe very closely, you can literally feel the “new Age poison” wanting to infect you again everytime you consume that content).

You know there’s no instruction manual out there for how to birth this art. You can’t just copy-paste anymore.

You let the entire thing come through, and it’s this amazing world with myth and luxury and art and most importantly – actual activation to create a curated shift in their body / business / field.

…. And then you go hire the money / sales / business coach who’s still operating on the New Age conveyer belt.

In that moment:

You will doubt your entire creation.

You will question whether it’s relatable enough or palatable enough.

In fact, that coach will very much agree with you that “no one is going to notice your brand”.

And off you’ll go, doing Shadow Work on your Genius. Replacing your myth with champagne bubbles, your art with a balloons, and your entire world will go from disruptive genius to glossy, plastic, magazine-cover worthy.

And you won’t even know it. You’ll still earn all the money (because money doesn’t care whether its Genius or not – money just cares if you’re truly behind it. And you can be behind anything).

And you won’t even know what you just missed out on.

Don’t do it.

Sonika Asif, CEO & Founder
Lush Empires

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