Black Diamond Marketing – How to source content from the depths of your Genius

Yesterday: A conversation with a client about Human vs. God. The justifications and writhing attempts of the human to make its emotions matter, all the while putting the God frequency on the chopping block.

I selected the core point in her body carefully, it was in my sight; the disruption code causing all her problems: The wavering stance on what she knew, the deep-rooted, fear-based desire to hide behind her art (if it’s never revealed, it’s never rejected), the forceful effort to keep her image pristine and intact – which as we know is the OPPOSITE of what Genius is and feels like.

Genius is raw. It is unruly. It is far from pristine. But it IS refined. It IS a luxury. Just not the kind you’re used to. It’s the thing most still sourcing from the old grid of consciousness wouldn’t dare touch with a 10-foot pool, knowing it’s their undoing.

But you, you run on this energy. It feeds you. The raw codes that you KNOW are true, the thing you’ve been so afraid to let loose, are just building inside of you until the tension becomes too much.

At that point, you need cornering. Which is what Sylvia experienced. I held that precise point, and spoke to it: Stop fucking TRYING to be a God, and just be one.

She disappeared. For 24 hours. During which time content poured out of her that GLISTENED with her Genius. This is how Dark Influencers are born. They’re not built UP, but shed DOWN. They are LIGHT (weight). They worship bringing the newest codes to you, over what feeds their human. They are blind to the short-sighted human experience and ONLY see the God frequency that they are.

Genius is the ringing in your ears that you know is there not because you are immersed in noise, but because it is the bell of silence, shutting you off from the rest of the grid.

It rings the truest truth.

It is the equivalent of hearing a call – THE call – of your true home in the dark caves, and being completely blind to any form of persuasion, proof, or CONTENT of any kind; as you race through the woods, following nothing more than your taste for the Dark. For the wild beasts that are calling you home to your Dark Throne.

It is a pulse of your unique dark heart of gold. And with each pulse springs a new world into being.

A world for the hero-turned-monster.

A world that turns the monster into a Genius.

It is complete stillness and silence in the face of disruption, which dissolves the field from lack of feedback, and literally folds space-time to then have these beasts of consciousness (who don’t even know they are the next beasts of consciousness), fall into your field.

Fall. Because they don’t even know they were looking for you.

You are not a hero of the light but a beast of the Dark. The newest lightest light. The edge of consciousness.

Genius Marketing is the negative frame to a euphoric new world. One that is off the map. One that can not be found by INspiration, but by being breathed OUT.

It is a breadcrumb trail of disruptive wild codes vs. a breadcrumb trail of social proof.

The No-ing creates the Knowing. Your NO to the old grid opens up the portal to the world you already knew existed, but couldn’t reach.

What it takes to market pure truth, to find the black diamonds of Genius hiding deep within your bones is instant abandonment of the self that stands in the way of that Genius.

Don’t be fooled by the matrix that tells you your next million is in that next launch, or that better website, or that strategic funnel.

It’s in your bones. If you just dare to look.

Sonika Asif, CEO & Founder
Lush Empires

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