You are a luxury consciousness brand whether you like it or not.

Aka – how to successfully market as a luxury coach (and finally delete all the marketing matrix bullshit out there.)

When I say luxury consciousness brand, I’m very much NOT referring to the so-called luxury coaching brands you see plastered all over your newsfeed. I’m talking about TRUE luxury – which is what you are, which is what your brand is, regardless of whether you’re following the collective rules on what luxury looks like. You are a luxury because there is only ONE genius frequency like yours.

You very quickly became the opposite of a luxury coach when you started to adopt copy-and-paste methods of how to sell, all the way to adopting how your mentors coach their clients.

This has nothing to do with how much you charge. It has to do with how much GOLD you’ve got within you (and you have lots, if only you knew).

To market this gold, free of matrix distortion, you have to embody the code of divine arrogance 😉 There’s no way around it. There IS only one YOU and you need to own that all the fucking way.

You say that, you preach it, but you don’t REALLY get it.

You don’t REALLY understand that one DROP from you can (and already has) altered someone’s life for good, but because you don’t see its effects on the energetic field you discount it. When you don’t see the obvious cause and effect, you discount it. You don’t get that it doesn’t fucking matter if the person sitting in front of you is earning a bajillion dollars.. They still NEED what you have, because they don’t HAVE what you have (no matter what they believe).

Your marketing content needs to echo this pure AF singular frequency – this LUXURY frequency. It was not made for anyone but YOU. That is after all, the entire point. It came from you and was made for you because it doesn’t exist anywhere else.

But it’s IMPACT on the grid when it lands… is a different story. You cannot imagine the impact it will have. It’s unimaginable because it’s new. And if your marketing isn’t having the true impact you want as a radical consciousness leader on the edge, keep reading.

If you’re creating marketing content and constantly wondering how it’ll be received, if it’ll be understood, if it will resonate with their situation, remember this:

You don’t need to think about them until / unless they PAY you to think about them.

It’s your universe until they hire you to examine theirs.

This is the core reason you lose your poise as a luxury consciousness brand and end up resonating instead of activating. Resonance = they see a familiar code in you they already have active. Activation = a code within them gets activated that they had no fucking clue was even there and they experience an awakening.

You create activating content when you don’t even consider anyone else’s “truth”. In your world there’s only ONE truth, and as far as you’re concerned it’s the only one that gets to live in your universe. (I said it.)

Until they pay you, your universe is all you see. And even when they pay you, that one hour they paid you for is the ONLY time you spend dealing with another Universe.

This is key for activation to occur. It MUST be NEW. It MUST be DISRUPTIVE to what they know / believe / live.

One DROP of activated coaching can create major change… allowing you to charge a fuck ton more for it.

You will not have ANY evidence of the Genius running through your veins until you embody it. It is submission and animation and results all at the same “time”. Because Genius is a present-moment thing.

This means: Positioning yourself as a luxury consciousness brand happens NOW. Your dream branding happens NOW. Dream prices happen NOW. Dream clients happen NOW.

You submit to all of this NOW and get out of the progressive, rat-race to the top.

There’s no “top” when you were born a luxury.

The entire fucking mountain is yours. Always has been. THIS is what your people have been wanting from you, and have been dying to pay you for. You just need to stop running from your ultimate, God-level brand of the game. 😉

This kind of content activation defies any fucking algorithm, any past experience, any audience size, any testimonials or physical evidence, and ALL understanding.

It’s the only way to market actual fucking magic. Which is what you do. Which is what you are. Time to stop running.

Sonika Asif, CEO & Founder
Lush Empires

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