There’s a transformational wave of disruption hitting the coaching industry…

… and here’s what you need to know about it.

Closing the doors of their coaching business after years.

The millions they made suddenly disappearing.

Having little to no motivation to get up and run courses, market their stuff, get excited about their offers.

Turning off the lights, saying goodbye to their entire team overnight and wondering what the hell just happened.

I’m seeing and hearing stories from so many coaches, especially those who have achieved massive success, sharing with me that they don’t understand what happened, why all of a sudden, the work that lit them the fuck up inside wasn’t doing it for them anymore.

I have the answer. It’s not necessarily one you’re going to like, but one you need to hear if you’re going to make it through this wave with ALL of your Power intact, and your Genius unleashed.

Before we go there, you need to hear this: the absolute WORST thing you can do for yourself at this stage is try to revive your business.

It will not revive the way you want it to. And if it does, it will cost you a lot more than what you’ve already given up.

There’s a high-frequency wave ripping through the industry and it’s going to call you – test you – on whether or not you’re ready for the next iteration of your identity. For the next, ultimate, boss-level of the game that you’ve been dying to play but haven’t had the balls to play.

The very notion of mercy has left the game, which is what makes it much harder. But also, much easier, depending on how you look at it.

What’s happening to you? What’s happening to your business?

I’ll tell you.

A doorway has opened, one that leads you out of the current coaching matrix. Your Genius frequency is stirring, awakening to its own existence, causing a split in your mind/body field as you struggle with wanting to return to the familiar yet feeling an unimaginable pull to what lies beyond.

It was only a matter of time. My wave came in 2020 and I’ve sat in silence with this knowing, with this truth of what was about to hit even the biggest players until now, because I didn’t think anyone would hear me. No one would listen. They would be too busy trying to land their next $30k, $50k, $100k client to add to their list of old-world wins to realize the very ground beneath their feet was shifting.

The laws were changing and their physical business systems and strategies could only sustain them for so long.

This energy is a stripping away of anything and everything you’ve been depending on to succeed, so you can understand where TRUE success comes from.

It is the truth of your work not being about money itself, but about the path you have CHOSEN to create that money WITH.

It is about getting you to face every ounce of distortion that still sits within your system, and the release of Shadow from your system will be so great that you will not have enough Time to work through it and heal it with traditional methods of Shadow work and new age rituals.

THIS IS BY DESIGN. It will push you to a point of tension where your ONLY choice will be to LIGHT YOUR PAST & ALL YOUR TRAUMAS ON FIRE with one, swift strike.

You will try to fix and heal the past to no avail. You will try to hide it, make it better, transform it, reset it, make SENSE of how the fuck you got here. Because you will attempt to take on the responsibility to be the way-shower for people also going through this.

And you will struggle to understand it and share it and express it. Because that doorway was a portal and there is no visible bridge of understanding between who you were and who you are now.

The TRUTH your Genius wants to share with the world TODAY is SO WILDLY DIFFERENT from the truth you have shared in the past, that you have difficulty standing by it, convinced its going to ruin your life. This truth will not resonate and you know it.

No, but it will activate. It will activate them into the New, into what lies on the other side. It will free you from recycling old, outdated energy and finally help you step into truly “baring your soul”, FOR REAL this time.

Without the embellishments of sales pages and marketing strategies and sales methods and tips and tricks and matrix bullshit that’s WEIGHED US DOWN for far too long.

Truth is the only thing that is wildly magnetic. But you’re afraid of the truth you’re standing on today.

And because you’re afraid of it, you think the way out is BACKWARDS. Back to something that made sense once upon a time. Back to something that felt safe. Hunting your past for the answer.

It doesn’t exist there. The way out is through the ground beneath your feet, the one you’re standing on right now. You have to root in. It is a calling you to put your faith in the substance that sits within you, without any of the supporting elements that you used to depend on to confirm that your faith was right.

It is a return to the royal material, the original DNA, the simple land of frequency, knowing, Genius and tone.

THIS is the next iteration of your coaching business. The next iteration of your identity.

For three years, I have been wondering if I’m going insane.

Today, I know this in my bones: Our Genius is awakening whether we’re ready for it or not. And once awakened, it will want OUT. Let it out.

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Sonika Asif, CEO & Founder
Lush Empires

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